Photo of Jeannie Atherton

Jeannie Atherton

Office Manager

Photo of Dave Bennett

Dave Bennett

Air Operations

Photo of Sarah Burchel

Sarah Burchel

Office Assistant

Photo of Therese Burchel

Therese Burchel

TSA Security Assistant

Photo of Isaac Campbell

Isaac Campbell

Ground Operations

Photo of Rob Dorton

Rob Dorton


Photo of Brian Frazier

Brian Frazier

Dispatch Manager

Photo of Mandy Henry

Mandy Henry

General Manager Assistant of Crating/Fleet

Photo of Ed Holman

Ed Holman

Night Dispatcher

Photo of Ben Kittle

Ben Kittle

Airfreight Manager

Photo of Paul Lafluer

Paul Lafluer


Photo of Josh Letellier

Josh Letellier

Air Operations

Photo of Glenn Maccagnone

Glenn Maccagnone

Vice President – CFO

Photo of Tom Maccagnone

Tom Maccagnone

President – CEO

Photo of Tom Maccagnone Jr.

Tom Maccagnone Jr.

Assistant Controller

Photo of Tammy Miller

Tammy Miller


Photo of Joe Nadolski

Joe Nadolski

General Manager of Crating/Fleet

Photo of Kevin Nicholson

Kevin Nicholson


Photo of Alainna Ouillette

Alainna Ouillette

Office Assistant

Photo of Ed Ouillette

Ed Ouillette

Operations Manager

Photo of Donna Sparks

Donna Sparks

Accounts Receivable

Photo of Douglas Sussan

Douglas Sussan

System Administrator

Photo of Jill Terrall

Jill Terrall

Air Operations

Photo of Ellen Tyno

Ellen Tyno

Ground Operations